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About Maison de Vacances

the company
Maison de Vacances is a completly independant french company created in 1995. Since 2000, a year of strong international growth, the company is managed by Emmanuelle Fouks and Nicolas Mauriac. Their former activities of fashion designer and art director easily explain how deep they are involved in the evolutions of fashion’s trend and lifestyles. « Dress up your interiors as you wanna be dressed up » could be their claim...

the distribution
The idea of Maison de Vacances is born in the heart of Paris, in the gardens of the Palais Royal. Our shop is still there, snuggled under the arches, nearby the Louvre and Buren’s columns, at the crossroad of modernity and tradition. An exclusive location for an exclusive collection. Nowadays, Maison de Vacances’ products can be found all around the world. From New York to Tokyo, from Barcelone to Oslo, from London to Geneva... you’ll find them in about a hundred retailers in the major cities of more than 20 countries.

the concept
Turn your house into a home, make your wishes come true and follow you in your escapes. Consider that all your needs are important, from the main to the accessories. Give a fabric to each desire, a colour to each pleasure... Creating collections with them and offer, season after season, the largest range of original textiles and textures for the house and the people who’re leaving in. Since, we believe that fashion is not only an ephemeral drive but also a deep stream that we follow for long, each new collection must be a stratum preparing the next one without denying the former one.
Maison de Vacances ’ collections are always made of the most exclusive and precious materials. Vegetal dye leathers, furs and woven fabrics are strictly selected and patiently settled in Europe. They must provide a strong visual effect and a full satisfaction for the touch. It’s a style made for those who want to play with colours and pay attention to the virtues of fabrics. The backdrop of our Collection is still made of our natural linen, certified Master of Linen, and which environmental qualities need no further proof. Of course all the products branded Maison de Vacances are exclusive. We are designers, not secondhand dealers.

the style
Maison de Vacances ’ style is first of all a lifestyle. A style made for a life where desire turns into necessity, where luxury dares to be bohemian and has sense of humour. A modern style, bearing the colours of life, changing with seasons and open to any new horizon... Anywhere, anytime, it must follow all the desires of those who’ve adopted it.
Maison de Vacances ’ style is based on the combination of the the most fashionable and finest materials with our 100 % natural linen. Like painters, we can play with our colours and texturized fabrics on this canvas and change the scenery day after day without loosing the thread of history.

Made in France
Designed and Made in France... It’s not a coincidence... For us, it has always been a principle of ethics. If each object expresses a style and a lifestyle, it also conceals a way of production and a special relation to the world. The beauty of an object is mainly made of its history, a dialectic history of course. Creation against copy, dignity against exploitation...We do not accept to think about design out of these questions.
It’s also a question of style. We’ve chosen to stand appart from mass production, to keep a constant quality level and special know-how, and to work with unlimited kind of fabrics, colours and sizes... This is probably the best way to preserve a real freedom of creation and offer a real choice to our clients. From hand made saddle stitching to bespoke and personalized products, Maison de Vacances gives each product a « unique » touch for « unique » houses.

1972-2012 hippy birthday special home & fashion collection 40 years smiley ®
Because we are not always more serious when we are 40 years old than when we are 17 and because a smile may be the sweetest birthday gift...
Because this smile slept deep inside the heart of our LOVE story. Solar and happy, inviting us to keep on believing in it, again and for ever, challanging the gloomy feeling of the world...
Because giving a smile is the proof that we’re still happy together and that sometimes it may be sweet to to be nostalgic...

All about LOVE
Because every single gesture made by Aurélie has the grace of Love... Because like the celestial stars the light she gives off comes from the reactions of fusion deep inside her heart... Because she knows how to melt into colours and materials and then become colour and material... Because she knows work as well as beauty... Because she’s real and authentic and all our story and all what we fight for are real and authentic... Because, one night, together we’ve decided to dance until the end of Love...

Collection Fall-Winter : happiness here and now.
And if, today, happiness was the real luxury. Happiness of feeling good at home. But you can’t challenge the seasons and turn a house into a home only with an army of colours and materials. You’ll need to find the balance between what is necessary and what is superfluous, between the soul of the vintage and the body of the novelty... You’ll need a collection respecting each interior and each lifestyle as a person.
Placed under the sign of unexpected & unusual meetings : the Swan’s Lake & the Leman’s Lake, the luxury & the bohemia, the classic or soft powder tones & the flashy colours, the fashion & the style, the Downtown Rocker & the Uptown Lady, the nice & the good, the Love written tone on tone & the death displayed in colours, the gilt & the pop art, the black and white & the four-colour process, the international icone and the local craftsman, the pleasures of the past and the future desires – one more time, Maison de Vacances latest Collection turns all our habits and rules upside down, remembering only one lesson, happiness is here and now...